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As a private noncompetitive martial arts school, Gaman Dojo is dedicated to functional and traditional philosophies. Our members develop skills that enrich the modern lifestyle through mentally and physically demanding training protocols.


With a student base located throughout the Greater Cleveland Metro area, we are located in an easily accessible studio in Cleveland, Ohio.

When we say no sweat, we aren't talking about the workouts!!!

Discover How Ancient and Traditional Japanese Martial Arts Can Impact Your Daily Life

Semi-Private Weightlifting Sessions

Professional Health Coaching

One-on-One Personal Training

Specialized Training


Group Classes

Look forward to getting stronger in our semi-private weight lifting sessions. Join a fun and encouraging community in a non-competitive environment.


Weapons Work

Developing life changing habits takes time. The proper coaching can make all the difference when dealing with roadblocks and setbacks. Our professional health coaches will be there to help you find unique solutions that fit your lifestyle.

Seminars & Guests

Tracking progress is a key to success.  Our lifting programs are based on exercise progression methods you can see and feel.  We also help you monitor your weight and body fat composition to make sure you are on the right path! 


Tommy W.

"Rob is the cream of the crop when teaching both the physical and historical aspects of every single movement he shows you. Its not exactly an easy task in this day and age finding people this awesome to learn from."

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