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Since 2015, Tanuki Tutoring has offered private and personalized Japanese language, culture, and travel lessons for absolute beginners to experienced learners. In-person and virtual sessions are now avaialbe for the convenience and safety of our students!

Japanese Interior

"Alex is amazing!! She is patient, always on time and is very gentle with my daughter. I love the relationship that they have and I can see that my daughter honestly enjoys working with her. Alex has the ability to connect and bring out the best in any kid!"

—  Akilah W., elementary school student's mother

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There are so many reasons to learn Japanese. Tanuki Tutoring has ways to help you study and practice!

Japanese Liquer

Tanuki Tutoring can develop a personal Japanese lesson plan that you can use alongside your current systems, websites, textbooks, etc. Whether you are studying independently or in a class, we can help with your Japanese reading, writing, speaking, and listening practice.

Current Learner

Traditional Japanese Gate

Wanting to brush up on your Japanese, but not interested in relearning everything? Stay motivated and directed with Tanuki Tutoring! Pull out those old textbooks or get right back into the swing of things with a practice or just a conversation partner.

Japanese Calligraphy


Prepare for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test levels 5 (the lowest) through 2 (the second-highest). Passing any of these levels adds to your resume, gives you a definitive goal, and offers the chance to use a wide range of kanji, grammar, and vocabulary.

Former Learner

Japanese Lanterns

Learn etiquette tips and tricks, useful phrases, and plan out your next Japan adventure! Practice asking directions, ordering the most popular dish at a restaurant, and talking to a store clerk in a one-on-one setting to boost your confidence before the trip overseas.

Japanese Waving Cats

Media Fans

Private lessons allow you to study exactly what you want as our tutor guides you through the manga, anime, and J-pop you already love! We can create a complete grammar, kanji, and vocabulary lesson plan using your favorite media.


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