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Bujinkan Gaman Dojo

Discover How Ancient and Traditional Japanese Martial Arts Can Impact Your Daily Life

As a private noncompetitive martial arts school, the Bujinkan Gaman Dojo is dedicated to functional and traditional philosophies. Our team works with members to develop and enhance skills that enrich the modern lifestyle through mentally and physically demanding training protocals.


With a student base located throughout the Greater Cleveland Metro area, we are located in an easily accessible studio in Cleveland, Ohio.

Class Structure

Group classes with our instructors are currently being offered three days a week. Topics vary from body mechanics and mobility, unarmed combative techniques, and weapons work with wooden training swords, bo staff, and shuriken. Practicing these methods requires body movements paired with concentration and proper breathing.   The goal is to cultivate the body by strengthening the muscles and improving mental capabilities.  All students must briefly meet with one of our instructors before attending or sitting in on their first class.


Group and one-on-one private lessons are available. Please contact us as far ahead as possible to better accommodate your schedule with ours.

ADULT FOCUS: Develop a positive health narrative by practicing a balance of: multi-sensory meditation in motion, controlled breathing, spacial relationships, mindfulness, and a dynamic nature.  These skills are used to help build a more reliable mind and body for both daily life and times of crisis.

YOUNG ADULT FOCUS:  Instill positive self-talk, beneficial habits, and the ability to achieve mentally and physically demanding tasks.  Accountability, leadership, and healthy outputs for aggression are the tools they will use to grow and develop.

Get in Touch with Us

3260 W 121st #C
Cleveland, OH 44111

(216) 677-8104

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