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Kirei (奇麗) is a Japanese adjective used to describe something that is beautiful and clean or beautiful because it is clean. The focus of Kirei Consulting is to discover the beautiful and clean spaces hidden in our homes and let them shine!


While we are currently only able to consult in person within the Greater Cleveland Area, our blogs and videos are great resources for anyone wishing to make their lives a little more kirei.

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Organization & Tidying Expert

I'm bringing my years of organization and tidying practice to you! Desks, drawers, downstairs; every space has the potential to be beautiful and clean.

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Personal Consultant

I've been organizing and decluttering since I was young; tidying up my friends' toys, stashing away their papers, and finding the perfect spot for everything left lying about. They loved that I was doing their chores, but I thought it was just as fun as playing! In middle school, this organization trend continued with classmates asking me to help them clean out their lockers, purses, and backpacks. High school was no different as my friends called on me to tidy up their cars before a date or event so that everyone would have enough space to enjoy the ride. Even in the workplace, my employers assigned me to special projects like organizing the coffee and snack station, tidying a shared closet, or cleaning out the storage room. They enjoyed the refreshed and calm spaces and loved reclaimed square-footage!

Now that I'm back in the Greater Cleveland Area, I'm bringing my years of organization and tidying practice to you! If you are ready to throw out mountains of trash bags worth of belongings, I'm right there with you for moral support. If you would rather just reorganize where everything is, I know the special tips and tricks to make it work. While I am a HUGE proponent for the KonMari Method, I am not certified (yet) and know that not everyone is ready to redo their whole home by the "joy check" standard. Others who are moving or downsizing may even need something stronger. We can tailor the type of tiding to best fit what you need to make your space beautiful and clean.

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Tidying Tidbits

Not ready for an all-out tidying spree? Take advantage of these quick tips and organization challenges that will make your space a little more kirei

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Organization Inspiration

Some of our clients have been kind enough to share their organization successes. Click through their before-and-afters if you need some motivation!

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