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Raven's Post Wellness Center

A new type of fitness program for our changing times.  No longer be pigeonholed to your ‘at home gym’ equipment or be stuck with a stinky and over-run public gym.  We deliver the best of both worlds, while not limiting you by circumstance. We’ve put all of our energy into one goal, your Total Fitness Overhaul.  We’ve done our best to remove all obstacles to your best self.  In this new and exciting gym model, you will belong to a community that truly wants you to succeed.  Our distinct approach offers three convenient ways to pursue your overhaul.  On site at our location, digitally, or a hybrid approach combining these two.


Total Fitness Overhaul

  • Specialized Group Dexterity, Mobility, & Martial Arts Sessions

  • Semi-Private Weight Lifting Sessions

  • One-on-One Personal Training

  • Professional Health Coaching

  • Access to our private Discord channel


Where we are different from other gyms, or even fitness programs or digital coaches, is that you decide how to best fulfill your program based on your needs.  Can’t make it up to a specialized small group session?  Join via live-stream.  Prefer to workout at odd times?  Record your workout to be reviewed by one of our coaches!  Interested in Martial Arts but find it too intimidating?  Study from our digital library to help build your confidence!


On-Site Amenities

  • Group Martial Arts Sessions

  • Specialized Small Group Dexterity & Mobility Sessions

  • Semi-Private Weight Lifting Sessions

  • One-on-One Personal Training

  • Professional Health Coaching


Digital Amenities

  • Martial Arts Course Library

  • Live Streamed Dexterity & Mobility Sessions

  • Weight Lifting Sessions With Insights From Your Coach

  • Live Video Personal Training

  • Live Chat Professional Health Coaching

  • Digital Japanese Language Classes


You choose the best way to make things work for you!

Meet Our Staff

Robert started training Bujinkan budo taijutsu in 2001, receiving his fifth degree black belt and shidoshi license in 2013. He has visited Japan several times for training and study. During one three-month trip, he visited the Kinki and Kansai regions to tour several of the martial arts and religious heritage sites. Stateside, he became a certified Personal Trainer in 2014 and received a BA in anthropology in 2019.  He has been working tirelessly to create a space where his clients can use martial arts and physical conditioning to build a solid foundation for their strength, confidence, and lives.

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