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Here you'll find a collection of organization solutions and tidy tips to keep your space calm, clean, and clutter-free. Great for someone who has yet to book an appointment with us, is waiting between visits, or just can't wait to jump in! ​

Pink Cabinets

Tips and tricks to take care of smaller areas.

   Junk Drawer Series   

Glass Jars

Quick fixes to refresh your space in seconds.

   10-minute Tidy   

Wooden Book Shelves

Daily rituals to calm clutter and keep you on track.

   Kirei Trackers   

Give in to the Junk Drawer

Having junk drawers in every room or floor of your space creates too many opportunities for items to get forgotten. Dedicate one drawer or area to be THE junk drawer; the singular location for all lost or unorganized things.

Junk Drawer Series

Literal 10-minute tidy

Set a timer for 10 minutes. Using whatever organization system you like begin in earnest and only stop when the timer goes off. For the best results, try to limit your tidying to a small space (a coffee table) or a type of item in a larger space (wayward dirty laundry).

10-minute Tidy

Morning Tidy

Kirei Trackers coming soon!

Kirei Tracker
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