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Learn more about each event and RSVP for it directly on our Facebook page to stay up to date on any changes and updates.


By sending us a PayPal payment and denoting a certain event, you will automatically be added to the guest list for that event. 


Send us an email letting us know that you are interested in learning more. Please make sure to specify which event you'd like to hear about.

Dr. Michael Asuncian at Gaman Dojo

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2023 Kotohajime

A late Kotohajime Seminar of in-person training, tatami cutting, and dinner with our local budoka. Our farthest-based student was able to join us in Ohio for the first time. It was a Kotohajime-mashite, you might say.

Interested in seeing a super-cut of the weekend's super cuts? Check out the video on our YouTube page!


Jess Attilli!

After long last, Jess Attilli taught a training session at the Bujinkan Gaman Dojo! Training was $20 for the day and there was an open invitation for dinner later on. Gaman was lucky to have Jess show us what he is currently working on and share stories with everyone afterwards. 

Gaman's Semi-Annual Kurību Kai

Offered Since 2014

We are proud to have offered this event since 2014 and are looking forward to the 5th  Annual Kuību Kai in Fall 2020.

Luke Molitor

Dr. Molitor is a lifelong student of the Japanese warrior arts and ways, and a senior Shihan in the Bujinkan Dojo under the auspices of Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi of Noda-shi, Japan.

Semi-Private Training

In order to control the amount of training space at the event, we have made it semi-private. Please contact us or visit our Facebook site to learn how to RSVP.

Cleveland Daikomyosai

To celebrate the end of the year, Gaman Dojo partnered with Hasu Dojo for a special, day-long training event (daikomyosai) and party. Training started at the dojo at 11 am on 12/21/2019. Non-training guests were welcome to come watch the tameshigiri (the test cutting of bamboo mats), which began around 4pm with a party to follow. We were so glad to see everyone who you was able to come out! 

Gaman Dojo proudly hosted Yuta Sakai for a special lecture on the world-famous Japanese ninja. Attendees marked their calendars for Sunday, March 10, 2019.


Yuta is a staff member at the Mie University International Ninja Research Center and works on the latest, interesting discoveries about the truth of ninja and their history. Following his life-long fascination of ninja, he specializes in ninjutsu from the Meiji to early Showa period and was generous enough to come to Cleveland, Ohio for one day to share his findings.

The Mie University International Ninja Research Center is located in Mie Prefecture in the southern half of Japan's main island. Mie Prefecture is home to the city of Iga, the birthplace of a historically prominent ninja school. On July 1, 2017, the Mie University and city of Iga opened the International Ninja Research Center. The Center has since focused on uncovering "the educational activities and research connected with the ninja (primarily focusing on the Iga region) and dispatching the results of this research...", according to their official website.

Historical Truth.png

Before Kata – The Basics of the Gyokko and Koto Ryu

Separate from the above lecture, Sean Askew has offered to teach a taijutsu session from 7-9 pm on Saturday, March 9. It was absolutely free and open to everyone who wanted to attend Yuta Sakai's talk following Sunday.


Sean is the president of the Bujinkan Kokusai Renkoumyo (BKR) as well as a world-traveled martial artist, linguist, scholar, and author. We look forward to having him at the Gaman Dojo in Cleveland and he promises "there will be something interesting for everyone of all levels"!


SloFlo @ theDojo with Cultivate Yoga

Gaman Dojo partnered with Cultivate Yoga to help spread free flow session to the Greater Cleveland Area. Attendees were encouraged to bring your mats and blocks, but extras were provided by Cultivate Yoga.

A HUGE thank you to Scott from Gaman for opening the dojo extra early to get the yogis setup!

For more on Cultivate Yoga and to find their newest times and locations, please visit their webpage and Facebook.

Sean O'Brien Workshop

A great way to improve is to train with people from other places!

Sean O'Brien generously came to visit us from Michigan for a special workshop for our members. We also had dinner in Lakewood afterwards so that the students who attended could ask Sean questions about training, his experiences in the Bujinkan and martial arts-related academics.

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